10 Things I learnt from “SportsFest: The PMCC(4W) SG Way”

by / Thursday, 02 July 2015 / Published in Latest News & Articles

This year’s sports fest was full of fun, excitement and challenges. The brethren from each team – Antioch Avengers, Bethel Conquerors, Berea Faithriots, Jerusalem Fighters, Philippi Knights, Peniel Souldiers, and Mizpah Warriors – possessed a competitive yet purpose-driven spirit. The organizers (which I am a part of) as well as all the teams were fairly on-the-go having in mind the objective of this event, and that is to promote unity and good camaraderie among the participants brethren.

Seven teams. One goal…And ten things I learnt from Sportsfest competition – the PMCC(4W) SG way.

1. The ability to handle failure(loss) is equally similar with the ability to handle success(winning)
In every competition, there are winners and there are losers; but what matters most is our ability to handle either or perhaps both. One has to learn managing losses or handle failures, so to speak, which could be translated to positive result in a long term; it is because from this losing or failure that we mature and overcome. Conversely, the inability to handle winning or success might lead to losing in the end. Hence, a more balanced act is required in order to sustain winning and in the same manner to be able to turn failure to success.

2. Team title promotes teamwork & teamsmanship
Seven team titles promote a high level of competitiveness and so were they. Avengers, Conquerors, Faithriots, Fighters, Knights, Souldiers, and Warriors – they all suggest a unique team of their own. Surely it helped a lot not only for branding a team but for bonding a team to have a good fight.

3. Each member of a team has a role to play
An obvious yet worth-mentioning, without which a win could hardly be realized. This is when and where an effective strategy stem from.

4. Near and close, yet so far
Assuming mind is unreliable both in game-time and in real-life. One from behind could overtake the other, and so complacency should be avoided. A team might think near yet so far.

5. The average speed of a team is the speed of the slowest individual of a team
One team hardly wins them all; more so, no individual can win it all. There is a so-called principle of “Buffalo Theory” which I would like to believe is true. “A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo”, and so with a team. The key is to speed up or reinforce the weakest link of a team in order to win, unless luck favors the team.

6. At times, female is a better and sharper shooter
This may sound feminist if not anti-masculine, but it doesn’t mean female is more competitive than male. Given a clear target and good listening skill, at times female shoots better than male. I am inclined to believe though that women listen as fast they talk, and so they can sometimes shoot better than men.

7. Not everything is “cast-on-stone”, thing(s) can change
Being one of the organizer, setting standards and rules or event mechanics are not easy. But sometimes, we can be flexible to present things that need to be changed, and these are justifiable changes with no vested self-interest and purely objective. After all, a change is welcomed without a need to erase something on stone.

8. Agree to disagree, allow to disallow
There is unity in diversity and allowing to agree to disagree makes the outcome more productive. Be it within a team or within a larger groups of different and competing teams, agreeing to disagree AND coming up with a solution provide a resolve to many if not all. One may not agree to others but at the end learn to support them and accept the decision of the matter. The point is not to keep a mouth shut or impose no-disagreement rule; but rather to allow disagreement and have it addressed properly and timely by the over-ruling authority.

9. Transparency is a key to achieve good camaraderie
To achieve one of the objectives of this competition – i.e. unity and good camaraderie – is to be transparent in terms of rules, points and results system. Having a representative from each team to act in deliberation or scores tabulation is as good as undaunted outcome of the games and unquestionable end results. And it was nice to have it in placed this time.

10. Everyone could be a winner
Every team wants to win. Who does not? Yet the fact is there’s always someone better prepared than others, better prepared with the end in mind – to win; as the saying goes, “luck favors the prepared mind and body”. It is by letting ourselves fight the hardest but fair with the goal in mind, just as Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:26 “I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air”, that makes all of us a winner, and if we happen to win – then it is a bonus to celebrate with others.

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