15th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Sarawak Malaysia Locale

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by: Sis Roma Balbuena

PMCC 4th Watch Sarawak Malaysia locale celebrate its’ 15th Anniversary and Thanksgiving with the theme Finishing the Work of Christ – John 9:4 held at Hotel Seri, Lawas Sarawak in 21st of August 2016.

The hall was packed with around 120 attendees both guest and brethren.

Master of Ceremony spearhead with Sis Kerenlyn De la Torre,
The opening prayer lead by Bro Lito Cruz

The offertory message was delivered by Sis Betty Parane the head minister of Sarawak Locale

The congregation was very inspired and empowered by life giving message administered by the Nazareth Area Coordinator Sis Marlene Obis.



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