CPF and a Marathon

by / Saturday, 07 June 2014 / Published in Latest News & Articles

Thirty-days from now, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (PMCC 4th Watch) Singapore will be celebrating its 11th church anniversary. The excitement as if each member is getting ready for a ‘run-race’, and the preparation of every flock member in the church -both physically and moreso spiritually – appear so evident. And true enough, it is a bold move and spiritually encouraging to see the brethren being part of the so-called “30-day CPF” (Commitment to Prayer & Fasting) to ensure everything in order for the coming big affair for the PMCC church in Singapore. This particular pre-anniversary activity commences on the very first day of June 2014 and is integrated with the scheduled ‘prayer marathon’ during the first week of June. It serves as a very good igniter to instill commitment to prayer and fasting among the brethren and the congregation. Several brethren join the “marathon” for three consecutive nights of prayer, and in one spirit, most if not all completed the marathon signalling not an ending but a (new) beginning of being religious partaker of the “30-day CPF”. (Thanks to those who joined the “marathon” partly and wholly!).

A continuous prayer and fasting for thirty days purposely to set the the mind and to well prepare each and every member of the Singapore church, this CPF will certainly purify the thanksgiving of the members of the church as one body of Christ; it will surely help achieve the event’s goal and the thrust for the rest of church congregation to partaking in this spirit-filled gathering. Introduced by the local head minister Sis.Donna Robles, this “30-day CPF” was initiated by having each small group (called “Kawan” or flock) in the church to have a straight five days calendar of prayer and fasting for this month of June. Each of the six Kawan group is scheduled to have continuous five dates assignment of prayer and fasting, with each group succeeding from one Kawan to another to complete a non-stop 30-day focused prayer & fasting.

Following are the scheduled dates of the 30-day CPF:

June 1-5 -Mizpah Kawan
June 6-10- Jerusalem Kawan
June 11-15 – Macedonia Kawan
June 16-20 – Philippi Kawan
June 21-25 – Peniel Kawan
June 26-30 – Berea Kawan

It (30-day CPF) is truly a great precursor to Church Anniversary celebration set on July 6, 2014 at the Orchard Hotel, Singapore. With this, the church members in general can look forward to much more blessings and amazing works of the Lord in this coming big event, for success is always preceded with sacrifice.

Many have already joined the walk thru the “prayer marathon” and now we can “talk the walk” by getting involved in the 30-day CPF!!!

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