East Malaysia and Brunei – 1st Inter-Fellowship and Annual Thanksgiving

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Organized by ministers and brethren from Brunei and East Malaysia (mainly from Lawas and Limbang), the first-ever “Inter-Fellowship cum Annual Thanksgiving” was held on 28th April 2013 at Hotel Seri, Lawas, Malaysia to boost the faith and uplift the service unto the Lord of the growing congregations in these overseas churches.  These neighboring churches initiated this considerable milestone that pave the way for mutually strengthening fellowship among them.

Inspired by the event’s theme, “The Apostolic Faith that leads to Faithful Service” taken from the Book of Romans 1: 5, nearly a hundred delegates from Limbang and from Brunei were warmly welcomed by Lawas brethren who hosted the event.  This was led by the Sis. Rona Anyayahan, minister-in-charge of Lawas, Malaysia locale. Through the long preparation coupled by prayers & fasting, as well as a month-long doctrinal gatherings, three-day spiritual empowerment,  and high-spirited efforts of minister- in- charge led by Bro. Lito Cruz, Bro. Askith Camposagrado & Sis. Precious Balbuena, officers and elders, this much awaited gathering has brought not only excitement but challenge to serve God more and more. Many brothers and sisters from these local churches give their time, talent and resources to make this fellowship realized, carrying forward the good name of the Lord Jesus towards a faithful service to God.


Guest speaker Ptr. Raquel Dela Cruz (seated middle at first row) together with Sis.Emelyn Liaw, Bro. Lito Cruz, Sis. Rona Anyayahan, Sis. Hiyasmin Martin, Sis. Precious Balbuena, Bro. Askith Camposagrado (from R-L) and the congregation delegates/attendees.

The program began with a cheerful welcoming of delegates and attendees thru Sis. Rona Anyayahan, followed by the Worship Service with beautiful songs of praises rendered by each of the local church and featuring a Video Presentation highlighting the humble beginning & growth of a young church in these foreign lands.

Guest-Speaker Ptr. Raquel Dela Cruz, Head Minister of Bay, Laguna flew from Philippines to Brunei for about two-and-a- half hours and traveled another five hours to reach the venue of said event. She delivered an inspiring message about the importance of “Apostolic teaching” as it leads craft of a truthful and faithful disciple. The zealously moving of the holy spirit was felt throughout the service as Ptr. Raquel elaborated on the topic.   She emphasized about God’s perfect plan to His church, and she stressed “when God planned for His church (Matthew 16:18), He created a perfect love and bought with a blood (Acts 20:28) after which He created a perfect environment, the church (Acts 2:47) and He anointed a perfect administrator, the apostle (Romans 1:5).”

It was truly a day of revival for all of the delegates, friends and visitors including the presence of our native Malay brethren coming from extension worships from Galatong, Sipitang, Mararap & Revenscourt, East Malaysia.  Though some language barrier exist, it was not hindered their coming to attend this faith-refreshing event.

This 1st Inter-Fellowship was attended by 120 worshippers including brethren, friends and visitors.


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