Happy 13th Church Anniversary Lawas Malaysia !!!

by / Friday, 29 August 2014 / Published in Latest News & Articles

Nearly  hundred attendees gathered at Hotel Seri Malaysia to celebrate this year’s 13th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch), Lawas Locale last August 10,2014. The place is filled with lively spirits of brethren praising and lifting their voices to glorify the name of the Lord. Worshippers were revived through the fiery message of God ministered by Ptr. Sammy Bagcat.

Concluding the day’s event, the brethren witnessed the gospel concert from the lead vocalist of Pillars Band, Ptr. Sam Bagcat, resulting to a number of souls accepting Christ as their Savior. Agape and protestant churches also graced the event and extended their greetings and support to this occasion.

A two-day Spiritual Empowerment was conducted by the Lawas co-worker, Bro. Lito Cruz, to contribute to the success of this anniversary. With much prayers and sacrifices, revival once again prevailed in every believer’s heart, inspiring them to preserve the apostolic faith in the end-time. ( A. Magnaye , J. Mirano )3 6 13

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