It All Begins from the Day of Thanksgiving

by / Friday, 23 September 2011 / Published in Latest News & Articles

The 8th Church Anniversary & Thanksgiving Service or known as the “Big Day” is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events by every fellow member in the Locale Church of Singapore. This big event has indeed brought joy to many and the true spirit of thanksgiving has surrounded & sustained the entire place.

Prior to Church’s “Big Day”, the Lord has manifested His great works in a myriad of ways. One sister who selfishly made a sacrifice offering has found a job that she never asked in return; a family man who made a pledge despite of his meager income has received a life changing opportunity and joyously testified God’s miraculous healing to one of his children.

The revelations made through the mouth of His minister in Singapore brought excitement and courage to expand God’s mission in several locations in Singapore as well as its neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. It was then followed by one of the brother’s speaking in tongues which had occurred exactly twenty days after the Church Anniversary during morning devotion on a Saturday where God promised a good harvest of souls in Singapore. The brother was grateful and has a continuous praise and joy in his heart as he experienced it for the first time. “God is so great and merciful and always look at the heart even to the weak. He gives spiritual gifts the moment we kneel down and humbly pray” he added. The following Sunday worship another sister spoke spontaneously in tongues and revealed God’s plan for the Local Church of Singapore.

Nevertheless, another incident occurred during a prayer meeting where an Indian woman suddenly came into the service hall uninvited asking if she could pray with the rest then followed by a Singaporean-Chinese who showed interest in the church services. These are nothing but substantial evidence that God’s work will continue to flourish as He gather His sheep in the Church. These all took place not as an echo that fades but instead a living proof that God has something good in store for the Local Church of Singapore and that is to shine in His glory.

All brethren have been continuously encouraged to serve God through His ministers’ unfailing reminders. As a result, the participant’s attendance in Singapore evangelism has noticeably doubled. Even the church members apart from the elders and officers have actively participated in the Personal Evangelism Program which was authored by our Apostle in the end-time. Realizing the relevance of PEP individually and as part of the church as a whole has resulted to continuously share and encourage people to go to church and eventually turn everyone into a disciple through prayers. While the former creates a habit similar to the first Christian church, the latter is undoubtedly a sign of a true and holy Church.

In conclusion, all these amazing things that started from the “Big Day” have happened in purpose. Thus, it will definitely serve as an everlasting experience and a living testimony that God Himself will always be with us every time we share His Word to the world.

In prayers and in His Words we remain.

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