SG Locale’s 8 Things to Thank God For

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Looking back the passing years, the PMCC (4th Watch) Singapore has indeed a lot to thank God for. These are considerable milestones for this Christian church in this small city state. Surely one of us has made part of in either, if not all or some, of these remarkable events, and perhaps by the mercy of God until now many continue to be an active participant or a recipient of God’s goodness throughout the year.

1. “Fellowship with the Apostle”

Apostleship is paramount in the true church of God. The election of the apostle is the election of the church, just as the early church was built and administered by chosen apostles during the time of the first Christians. In the book of Romans 1:5-6, the church members were also called in faith through the apostleship, and that we may have fellowship with the sent ones of God and such fellowship is a fellowship with the Father ad with the Son Jesus Christ (1 John 1:3).

The first ever Fellowship with the Apostle (in Singapore) was held in June 2012 at Holiday Inn Hotel, Singapore where a number of people was truly blessed. Some attendees were coming from Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand and of course from Singapore. Indeed, this whole-day event was a milestone for the SG local church whose number continue to increase since then.

The 1st District Fellowship with the Apostle, June 2012, Holiday Inn Hotel, Singapore

The 1st District Fellowship with the Apostle, June 2012, Holiday Inn Hotel, Singapore

2. “Haggai Keepers” behind the holy place

From small place in Ballestier Road to a much bigger, wider and nicer rented church space in Wedgemount Building in Jalan Peminpin, the church moved in September 2012. A show of bold faith and right decision to invite and accommodate more people being prayed for – true enough it was made happen. This new place has been blessed and will continue to get blessed as more and more people come in and are being welcomed. In fact, several people got baptized and become new believers and for the last several months, this church has been a birthplace of many believers and the “new creation”.

But, we must not forget the people who religiously and constantly support the rental of this place of worship – the “Haggai Keepers”. These brethren whose oath were cast on the stone and never be erased sincerely and humbly offering their help the right way since.


3. “Nazareth” was born!

In January 2013, the Southeast Asian local churches including Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia are grouped into one area which was called as “Nazareth Area”. Except Singapore, these churches mostly at pioneering stage have been of good report and providing many testimonies. The potential in terms of growth and increasing congregation shows a good cluster to support each other.  Singapore Locale was then appointed to act as secretariat for this area and just recently the SG locale was declared as the Regional Secretariat not only for the Nazareth but also for the Euro-Asia regional bloc.

It’s another leap of faith for the SG locale.


4. “WLTL” : PEP the SG Way

WLTL stands for “With Love, There is Life”, a term coined twice by the SG locale since May 2011 when it first launched this personal-evangelism program (PEP) in Singapore. “WLTL I & II” were successfully carried out in 2011 and 2013, respectively, where an increasing number of brethren join the personal evangelism. More so, very recently, there’s an additional places in which the PEP is continuously being held.

Many people – believers and non believers – are blessed with this on-going PEP brand. Surely “WLTL” three-peat (not only a repeat) will soon be coming!


5. “E-Challenge” Project

Timeframed evangelistic project, the commonly and locally called “E-Challenge” was devised in preparation for the big event of the SG local church. It was aimed at inviting friends, visitors, relatives & families, and contacts during Sunday service and most especially for this year’s Church Anniversary. More than half of the congregations and groups in the church participated in this worthwhile project, and by God’s grace, it paid off ultimately as the number of visitors who responded and attended was more than what was expected.

Thanks and glory be to God for those who have been challenged by this “E”!


6. A well-celebrated Decade Anniversary

So many things have been quoted and said for this milestone event for SG locale church. A well-celebrated anniversary indeed! Three hundred one in attendance, giving thanks, and praising and shouting in jubilee for God’s glory! The theme of this memorable stage for SG local, “United in Faith Thru Apostolic Leadership”, was not only witnessed but also experienced by those who attended.

This decade of anniversary will never be just a thing of the past but rather a passion of the present and a challenge of the future for SG locale.


7. SG website’s “CPF” turns prayer “green”

Have you ever visited a young site of the SG locale? Have you ever posted a prayer or at least read a prayer request? Or have your ever click a prayer for someone? This things will naturally lead to make and turn your or someone else’ prayer “green”!

Click A Prayer For

The “Click-a-Prayer-For” or known as CPF is an ongoing interactive sub-ministry in the website of the SG local church. All we have to do is to click a prayer request posted in the site, and these would mean a more persuading force to ask for God’s answer and turn the prayer “green”.

“Once we click it, we mean it” – only then can we expect an answered prayer.


8. The Word “Tin Award”

During the 24th International Convention held in Philippines in October 2013, “The Word” Magazine ministry has had a competition on the highest number of subscribers in every locale. This was divided into category (individual and church level) depending on the size of congregation. And for the glory of God, SG locale won the “Tin Award” and garnered the first place for the church level and third place for the individual level.

It’s the very first time for the SG locale to win it in its 10 years of existence in this country. Praise and thanks be unto the Lord God!


Most often than not, all endings are also beginnings… we just have to discover it. Now that the 2013 is about to end, we can expect of new and better beginnings. We are very grateful to the Lord God and we can look forward to much more productive days of the coming year. Perhaps we can have a peak as SG Locale rolled on eight Local Ministries that will certainly make the year 2014 a much busier one. These include the following:

  • Evangelism Ministry
  • Programming Ministry
  • Music & Technical Ministry
  • Media Production, Arts & Design Ministry
  • Website & IT Ministry
  • Ushering Ministry
  • The WORD Ministry
  • Children/Kids Ministry


The common and primary ingredient among these ministries is the one unified spirit, manifested in their works and in many testimonies – big and small, written and spoken.

Yes, it’s going to be another eight things to look forward to and again to thank God for!


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