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by: Sis Alma Victoria

Mission Sunday has been a long-standing program in the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch). It is being observed every first Sunday of the month to reminisce the grace of salvation through His sent ones – God’s missionaries.


The rolling of this local program in the church of Singapore, initiated by Ptr. John Martinez’ fiery Sunday School message, and well backed up by several flock groups (commonly called “kawans”), result to a revived and more enthusiastic congregation during the Lord’s day. Ptr. John stated that as Christians, we are called to be missionaries in the end-time. Our duty is to evangelize the lost and to edify the saints. The Holy Spirit worked continuously throughout the divine Sunday worship. Hence, many believers dedicated themselves to be of great use in doing God’s will. Also, a number of souls accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and are baptized on this very day.


It is truly an empowering Sunday and the brethren’s delight continued to manifest during lunch fellowship. During the service, Ptr. John called each kawan to present their ‘cheers and chants’. Some sang their jingles and others yelled their kawan names which boosted the atmosphere into a joyful spirit of fellowship. The  eight (8) kawans usually prepare separate pot luck just for themselves, but this time, they merged altogether to have a feast-like celebration. Several tables were laid and everyone seated freely, regardless of which kawan they belong to. Everyone happily mingled and shared God’s blessings as the afternoon program was set to be the post-Christmas party. From the joyful singings to the parlor games and up to the meditation of God’s words, the Singapore flocks showed lively praises and great smiles and laughters until the closing remarks was delivered.


From the head minister, elders, kawan leaders and kawan members, it is very evident that the 4th watchers in Singapore  have become exuberantly zealous in their faith. Every single hand has a vital role in the success of the Singapore church’s Mission that keeps going ’til the end of time, for the vision of the God-sent Apostle in the end time is the Mission of church ’til Christ comes. To God be all the glory!


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