PMCC (4thWatch) Singapore celebrates A-Decade-and-a-Year of Unwavering Success

by / Wednesday, 13 August 2014 / Published in Latest News & Articles

God’s marvelous works continue to be revealed globally in the end-time through Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch). It is evident in its Singapore church for another year of fruitful service unto the Lord as they celebrated their 11th Church Anniversary last July 6, 2014 at Singapore Orchard Hotel.

With the event’s theme, ”Preserving Apostolic Faith in the End-time” taken from Jude 1:20, it was indeed a triumphant manifestation of God’s mighty power. For several months of planning and preparation, the Singapore church brethren has united to tender services such as Prayer Marathon, Spiritual Empowerment and Prayer and Fasting purposely to prepare the heart and mind of the congregation in general and, in particular, to ensure success of this big event by God’s grace. There has also been close and healthy cooperation among the local ministry teams as well as the anniversary committees; and everyone including the new believers has actively participated in follow up and constant invitation for visitors, guests and contacts through their Personal Evangelism. A huge crowd of about 448 in attendance witnessed God’s work in full-packed Orchard Hotel conference hall. To God be all the Glory!

There were more than 50 foreign nationals attendees, and hundreds of our Kababayans were so much blessed to take part in this milestone. Many of them accepted Jesus Christ in their lives as their Savior.

Singing of joyful songs officially commenced the affair as it created jubilation in everyone’s heart led by Sis. Joy Ferriol Guerrero, followed by a stirring life testimony shared by Sis. Roma Balbuena. Afterwards, Pastor Sammy Bagcat stressed the importance of giving in his offertory message before Head Pastor of SG Local Church Sis. Donna Robles likewise spearhead the welcome remarks for our guests and visitors  in behalf of SG Local brethren and  introduced Evangelist Leticia Ferriol, South East Asia Coordinator, as the events keynote speaker.

So sound and clear, the God’s word was ministered by Evangelist Let Ferriol and most were challenged to respond to establish and leap their faith and dedication to the Lord God.

Hundreds of our visitors, fellow Filipinos and other nationalities accepted and declared their faith to our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior during the altar call.

Southeast Asia brethren and ministers from Malaysia, Vietnam has also joined the celebration. The Ambassador of Philippine Embassy in Singapore, Honorable Antonio Morales, was present in the gathering and took notice of the church progress.

In the afternoon service, Singapore brethren presented a gospel concert entitled “Hymns of Thanksgiving” featuring their own “Heiros Band” with lead vocalist guest Ptr.Sammy Bagcat, who is a well-known music icon of the church as a whole and voice-gifted Bro Robin Guerrero.

The concert presented our very own church composition of music and a beautiful dance number from the Singapore church’s new believers.


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