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by Sis Ruth Lim


And Jabez  made a prayer to God of Israel, saying, if only you would truly give me a blessing, and make wider the limits of my land, and let your hand be with me, and keep me from evil, so that I may not troubled by it. And God gave him his desire. “ I Chronicle 4:10 

Like what Jabez prayed to the Lord, that the Lord bless him and wider the limits of his lands, and God gave him his request. This is also the sincere prayer of each brethren of the PMCC 4th Watch Singapore locale. That the mission of God led by His true sent one in the End Time,  Apostle Arsenio Ferriol , will also grow tremendously for God’s greater glory, and be His instrument to save more soul and make them true disciples of Christ. And by God’s grace, thru the continuous and unwavering devotion in prayers of the whole church,  as God  answered to the prayer of Jabez, He also answered to our prayers.

Remembering the humble beginning from a very few brethren helping each other to fill in every need of the mission, by God’s grace, the missionary work in Singapore had grown tremendously.
And now, as it reaches the 12th year from its opening; the ministers, elders and members were filled with great joy as they welcome the growth and expansion of the ministries,  formerly from  6 ministries to 12, making it double for greater works in the end time. This was also made possible, because God also increases the people whom he called and added to His church to fill the need of the different ministries.

With the guidance of our Nazareth Area Coordinator, Ptr. Leticia Ferriol, last April 19 and 26, the Ministries OICs together with their Auxiliaries and team members presented their visions and mission statement in two Sunday afternoon fun-filled and blessed activity.

Truly God answers to the prayer of His people and there is nothing impossible with Him.. To God be all the Glory !





The 12 ministries are the following:  Instrument Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Technical Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Ushering Ministry, Music and Theatrical Ministry, Program Ministry, Children Ministry, The Word Ministry, Media and Design Ministry, Evangelism Ministry and Information Technology Ministry.



Below are some photos of the OICs taken during their Ministries presentation.




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