SG Gawad Parangal 2016 : Brethren Glam up on the Red Carpet!!!

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By Sis Roma Balbuena


SG Local held its 2nd Gawad Parangal on March 27, 2016.

This is an annual formal recognition event to acknowledge outstanding brethren and Kawan groups in the local church of Singapore. It provides a venue for appreciation of their active and supportive service as well as recognition of their valiant efforts, hardwork, exemplary performance and contribution in their service unto God.


Gawad Parangal likewise aims to show “praise to whom praise is due” and confirm that every group and/or brethren sacrifices are valued. The worship hall was very well set up by the Media and Arts Ministry to suit the glamorous theme of  “The Oscars” . The event started with the Parade of the Presenters and the brethren enchanted with their own shout of compliment during the grand entrance of Local Ministers, Sis Donna Robles, Sis Hiyasmin Martin and Sis Rona Anyayahan ramping on the red carpet isle with their dazzling attire!


Youth Department rendered a lively dance production and followed by a special number from the Cadets Dept. Another special performance – a surprised cotillion dance – from the selected couples propelled the energy of the crowd.


Here are the awards during SG 2016:

  • Prayer Marathon & Spiritual Empowerment Perfect Attendance Award


  • Covenant Keeper Award


  • Kingdom Builder Award


  • Macedonian Giving Award



  • Shiloah Goal Reacher


  • Best Evangelizer Award



  • Soul Harvest Award 2015


  • Soul Winner Award 2015


  • Most Active New Believer


  • Recognition for E-Devotion Facilitator


  • E-Devotion Keeper Award


  • Saturday Devotion Keeper Award


  • Midweek Services Keeper Award


  • Mananamba Award


  • Simbang Pasko 2015 Perfect Attendance


  • Month of Sacrifice 2015 Participants Award



  • Month of Sacrifice 2015: Best Caroler Award



  • Month of Sacrifice 2015: 2nd Runner-up


  • Month of Sacrifice 2015: 1st Runner-up



  • Month of Sacrifice 2015: Goal Reacher Award


  • Month of Sacrifice 2015: Macedonian Award


  • Kawan Appreciation Award


  • Kawan Leader Recognition/Leadership Award


  • Service Award


  • Most Active SG Member



In addition, special on-the-spot awards were also showcased during the SG Gawad Prangal – these are the:

  • Best Presenters’ Award


  • Brother & Sister of the Night


  • Kawan of the Night



Bro. Rein Balbuena stand out as the “Brother of the Night” while Sis.Santy Alvares and Sis.MJ Monreal  outshine the rest for being co-winners of  “Sister of the Night”.

Kawan of Bethel  received Kawan of the Night Award, as their team exudes with splendid uniform members’ outfit attire.

GP 2016 is indeed a night to remember serving both as an inspiration and a challenge to all members of a growing local church. To God be all the highest praise and honor!

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