SG LEADERSHIP SUMMIT “A very significant step forward”

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PMCC Singapore Locale in its `13th year, held its very first Leadership Summit last February 13-14, 2016 with the theme of “Strengthening Shared Leadership Towards Expansion” inspired from the book of Numbers 11:16-17.

The Locale Head Minister Sister Donna Robles shared that the objectives of the said summit would be:

-To be able to understand fully the leadership role entrusted in our ministry.
-To strengthen the collaboration of the local leaders towards growth and expansion
-To develop the leadership skills through sharing of best practices.
-To help improve leadership character and behavior on the entrusted ministry
-To create a concrete set of values and leadership culture within SG local


Day 1: February 13 Saturday: The 1ST day has been participated by the Ministers, Elders, Kawan Leaders, Youth and Adult Department Officers and Ministries OICs.

The leaders were equipped with both spiritual and professional aspect of leadership as the summit opens with the inspirational message from the Sent One of God in the End Time, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol where he stress on how “Shared Leadership” will bring expansion in a local church. In addition was the powerful webinars conducted by two of the Apostle’s Council and an experience worker of God, Pastor Jhun Alano and Pastor Reynald Sulayao. Leaders learned (1)The Ways of Strengthening Shared Leadership (2) The Values and Right Behaviors of a Leader (3) and The Benefits of United and Shared Leadership. Also, a video seminar conducted by famous author of world renowned leadership books, Mr. John Maxwell and Expert in Leadership Training and Development of US, Professor Brian Tracy was shown to ignite the awareness of everyone on levels of leadership.

Indeed another blessing, as we have the presence of Pastor Bong Rosialda in the recent summit. His motivational and inspirational seminar brought participants with a new face of understanding the importance of “servant leadership”in the church.

To complete the day, the leaders of each ministry has presented its Accomplishment for year 2015 as well as share their ministry’s Vision, Mission and Plans for 2016. In their presentation, as they desire to inspire they also seek the support from fellow leaders in making this to happen. Before the end of the presentation, Sister Donna Robles has come up with a vision for the opening of another ministry, The Event and Marketing Ministry.


Day 2: February 14 Sunday: As the whole world celebrate the traditional Valentines’ day, SG Locale Church celebrated the love month in a unique sense.

After the inspirational 1st day of Summit which ends with victory, the 2nd day aims for empowerment and fulfillment of shared leadership participated by the current and future leaders in the church as we call it the “Day of Protégés”

These are brethren who has shown exceptional potentials and heart towards service unto the Lord. They were chosen and recommended by each ministry leaders.

2nd day activities exude the roles of leadership potential and dynamics.Inspirational videos, team building games gave hints in the preparation of their future roles and the reflection on getting ready for ownership and responsibilities in their entrusted ministry.

Pastor Bong Rosialda emphasized the importance and benefits of shared leadership. That, taking ownership and understanding the role given to each of us will bring an impact towards the growth of others specially our brethren.

The summit has brought reflection and realization on the power and impact of being chosen as leaders in the church, and on how we can be an instrument in leading and helping the brethren towards the will of God. The shared life experience from our ministers Sister Donna, Sis Hiyasmin, Pastor Bong, Pastor Precy and fellow leaders has opened up inspiration to everyone who have attended the SG Summit 2016.

Indeed, another breakthrough for Singapore Locale, this new face of unity and shared leadership will definitely bea very significant step forward in leading the church towards expansion, all by the grace and guidance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Maranatha!

To God be the glory!


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