Singapore Hosted The Euro-AsiaLianz Summit 2015

by / Tuesday, 10 March 2015 / Published in Latest News & Articles

Singapore Local Church was truly blessed as the year opens. In its remembrance of Gods abundant love in their annul thanksgiving they can’t help but to magnify the name of the Lord as they hosted the first ever Euro-AsiaLianz Summit 2015.

The ministers, together with the elders, committee ministries, department officers and brethren all work together to make the summit a memorable one.

The program started with Balloon Ceremony where the Euro-Asialianz Coordinators- together with Evangelist Pastor Let Ferriol, release white balloons to the sky. This act symbolises a fruitful year for the mission in Singapore – to reach the farthest part of the land – in search for the sheep of the Lord.

WSG had performed a song for everyone and Pastor Let has led everyone in an inspirational prayer.

Following the balloon ceremony was the special tribute service that Singapore Local Church had prepared to recognise the Euro-AsiaLianz Coordinators, their ministry and commitment to the mission.

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