Singapore Locale Church Anniversary

by / Thursday, 22 September 2011 / Published in Latest News & Articles

God has once again proven His abundant and mighty works in the Local Church of Singapore, as it celebrates its 8th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service. Everyone was joyous and full of gratitude in commemorating another fruitful year of God’s amazing grace to His Church.

The celebration adopted the theme of the last Summer Camp 2011 “Responding to the Global Evangelistic Challenges” (Mathew 9:35-38). This momentous event took place last August 7, 2011 at Quality Hotel and was graced by almost 200 people. The distinguished guest of honor was Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Minda Cruz, while the guest speakers were our very own Bishop Osinando Quillao and Pastor Mona Quillao from the Local Church of Manila.

The Singapore Praise and Worship team performed on the first part of the service as they led everyone in joyful singing. It was followed by a seminar that was ministered by Pastor Mona Quillao in which she talks about the purpose, means and the rewards in responding to the challenge of the ministry of prayer and evangelism. The highlight of the event was the Divine Worship. It started off with the opening and welcome remarks from Pastor Sheila Padpad, Head Pastor of the Local Church of Singapore. The Word of God was administered by the beloved Bishop Osinando Quillao, one of the co-workers of the Apostle and whom God mightily uses in His vineyard. He imparted the proper authority and office that should execute the mission of evangelization which is the “Apostleship”. He further reiterated that this mission greatly results to the salvation and deliverance of the souls. It is by the grace of God that many visitors accepted the calling to receive God’s redemption after the sermon.

After Bishop Osie Quillao’s enlightening message about the Word of God, the Ambassador gave a memorable and inspirational speech. Towards the end of the divine worship, the cadets department rendered a song of praise which was followed by the ceremonial blowing of 8 cakes that symbolizes the goodness and faithfulness of God for the past 8 years in the Local Church of Singapore. This was led by the guest speakers, guest of honor and the local head pastors.

The celebration continued in the afternoon with a gospel concert by the Exodus Band which filled the entire Ballroom with lively and inspirational songs. The occasion ended with a message from Pastor Mona Quillao, emphasizing the significance of making the most of our time because the days are evil.

Indeed, this victorious event is a clear manifestation of God’s abounding blessing to His Church. If each one of us will respond to the global evangelistic challenge and commit ourselves in fulfilling the church’s mission, our growth and success will eventually be realized. Though our beginning was small, our latter end should greatly increase.

To God Be All The glory!

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