Singapore Local Church Rejoices On Its 9th Founding Anniversary

by / Monday, 01 October 2012 / Published in Latest News & Articles

It may be one of the smallest countries in the world, yet Singapore is one of the most prosperous as it is one of the leading business and technology hubs in Asia Pacific region. And it’s a blessing that in this country, the grace of God continues to flow.

The Local Church of Singapore celebrated their 9th Founding Anniversary guided with the theme “Strong Faith Leading to Abundant Thanksgiving”, taken from Colossians 2:7, held in the newly-acquired worship hall located near Marymount, Singapore last September 30 wherein attendees were not just Filipinos but also by the locales.

The event started with the Sunday School administered by the head of the ReDEEM media ministry, Pastor Samuel Ferriol.

In the worship service, the youth trio and adult quartet gave thir songs of praises. Pastor Shiela then gave the offertory message. The Singapore local choir then gave their songs of praises to the Lord.

The message, which highlighted the event, was administered by Pastor Sam Ferriol, who also lead the dedication of the new worship hall.

Brethrens from cadets, young watchers, and adults showcased their different God-given talents in their much-awaited Gospel concert. Pastor Sam delivered the message citing the importance of using the talents to the Lord.

The brethren and visitors were both blessed by the event. The local church of Singapore is now looking forward on the blessings God would be giving to them in the years to come. (T. Sharjayo)

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