Singapore Locale 2nd Annual Prayer for Salvation and Healing Crusade

by / Sunday, 16 October 2016 / Published in Latest News & Articles

Singapore Locale held its 2nd Annual Prayer for Salvation and Healing Crusade spearhead by the Prayer and Evangelism Ministry last 9th of October at Worship Hall Wedgemount Building Marymount Singapore.

By the grace of God, the event was filled with 378 total in attendance with 135 visitors.

It was an astonishing experience to see and hear the exceptional song of Praises lifted unto God from the Watcher’s Singing Group the majestic voices of the Singapore Choir and the Prayer and Evangelism Ministry.

God’s word was powerfully administered by its head Minister Sis. Donna Robles enlightened the crowd and magnified the ultimate love of God to humanity taken from John 3: 16 with the significance of believing that there is a living God who loves us unconditionally by giving His only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ His Son who died for us for our salvation.

The Actual Prayer Ceremony was led by the Ministers, Elders and Kawan Leaders together with the chosen brethren as Co-leads.

The Holy Spirit truly worked mightily and was felt in the midst of the service and congregation as many brethren and guests, including those foreign guest came forward to express their acceptance and belief to our Lord Jesus Christ as they have queued along each of the prayer leads as they humble themselves and seek prayer request for healing, salvation of their love ones, strength, deliverance and protection.

Truly the Lord is very faithful to His promise, that “He will not forget our good works unto Him”. The dedication in prayer and fasting, invitations and follow ups of guests preparation , and every contribution made . The united force of the ministers, committees, ministries and brethren for this event, was rewarded by God with VICTORY.

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