Singapore Locale’s Decade of Godly Service Celebrated

by / Friday, 26 July 2013 / Published in Latest News & Articles

It has been ten years since the first endeavor of Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) at the Lion City of Asia, Singapore. Now, the missionary work of the Church is keeping pace with the growing industry of one of the branded “Four Asian Tigers”. And to celebrate the growth of the country’s local church, the brethren organized a Thanksgiving Service entitled themed “United in Faith Through Apostolic Leadership” (Romans 1:5) at the Quality Hotel Marlow, Balestier, Singapore, last July 14. Aside from the faithful brethren, the event was attended by many visitors, with 30 of them are multinationals.

Also, one of the distinguished guests was Vice Consul Oliver Delfin of Philippine Embassy. The program started with lively songs and praises from Singapore Praise & Worship Team. After the invocation, Sis. Donna Robles welcomed the attendees. Then, Pastor Sammy Bagcat led the message of thanksgiving. Every intermission of the program, spiritually-moving songs were rendered by Singapore Quartet and Choir, Sis. Joy Ferriol and Pastor Sammy Bacgat.

And to the focal point of the service, the meditation of God’s Words was administered by none other than the South East Asia Coordinator, Evangelist Let Ferriol. Other activities during the Singaporean brethren’s special day were PMCC Singapore website launching, Traditional Cake Ceremony, and Gospel Concert featuring Pastor Sammy and Sis. Joy.

The celebration of a decade of holiness and service unto God by Singapore Locale was ended victoriously as the attendees went to their home with godly gladness and spiritual blessings.

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