Spiritual Empowerment

by / Monday, 03 March 2014 / Published in Latest News & Articles

The brethren of the PMCC (4th Watch) Singapore gathered on a Friday evening of February 14th (when the world usually celebrates the “hearts day”) for a soulful Spiritual Empowerment. Welcoming the Southeast Asia Coordinator and Evangelist Leticia Ferriol, the PMCC Singapore locale church head, sis.Donna Robles, together with the locale church elders and the rest of the brethren expressed their warmth fellowship and joy for having her as a guest speaker in the spiritual empowerment service.

Evangelist Let emphasized, during her message, about being a member of the church in the end-time. She reminded brethren that we are not ordinary people because we are the “last” people and that the last and great manifestation of God’s power will be in our time. The great commission is entrusted to us that we should GO into all the world and preach the gospel. And as we take charge of the responsibility, we must be TAUGHT and be TRAINED. The former suggests two basic elements of teaching, that is the authorized “teacher” and the authentic teaching –  or in short, the approved messenger and the right message.  The latter, on the other hand, points to the training powerhouse – no other than the house of the Lord – which is the church (I Timothy 3:15) where one can find the former.

Certainly, God gave the Apostles to do the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12), with the revelation which in other ages was not made known of (Ephesians 3:5), bringing sound teachings (2 Timothy 1:13) that leads to godliness (1 Timothy 6:3); and as end-time disciples, those we have HEARD, RECEIVED, LEARNED and SEEN from the God-sent ones must be put into practice

This empowering service has brought a clear message on the value of teaching and training in the church that lead us to continue serving the Lord by His grace in a manner acceptable and pleasing to Him.

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