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“The Fast & The Furious”

by / Friday, 08 May 2015 / Published in Latest News & Articles





“The Fast & The Furious”
by: Sis Angelu Mercado


I Fast not because im hopeless,
but to seek forgiveness
I FAST not because of regret,
but also to repent
I FAST not only cause I am weak,
but His face I truly seek
I FAST not because I am hurtful,
but because I am hopeful
I FAST not because I’m unloved,
but to be gentle as a dove
I FAST not to have it all,
but to gain self control
I FAST not because i fall and stumble, but before God myself I humble
I FAST not because of boredom,
but to gain more wisdom
I FAST not of things cannot measure,
but for His promises that are sure
I FAST not because I lose focus,
but to find my purpose
I FAST not for my own intention,
but to seek divine intervention
I FAST not because of tension,
but to pray for vindication
I FAST not because I’m frustrated and FURIOUS,
but because I am faithfully serious..

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