Why “Click A Prayer For”?

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In this modern and technology age, information is easy and fast; it is, you bet, just in our fingertips. Surveys, election counts, article and photo, text & SMS (short message service) and instant messaging are all but just a fingertip-click quick-shared or sent.  In a matter of seconds, we are able to reach someone and in the same mode we are able to receive (their) reply very instantly and smoothly.

Surely clicks exchange do happen every day with unquestionable convenience… And so, why not apply in Christian day-to-day lives such as a prayer-click, too?

The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch), Singapore has launched its “Prayer Request: Click-a-Prayer-For (CPF)” recently in April 2013. CPF, as we shortly call it, serves to encourage brethren, friends, and the public to post personal prayer requests in its newly developed website (www.pmcc4thwatch.sg); more than posting, it invites people to click a prayer not only for themselves or for their loved ones but also to click a prayer for others.

There is always power in the prayer of two (or more) as the Bible affirms a prayer “agreed by two or more concerning anything you ask for, God will do it” (Matthew 18:19-20).  And the more clicks we have, all the more the prayers will click!

The CPF Logo displayed at the front page of the website

“Once u click it, u mean it”

This Christian site is prayer requests accommodating and it offers everyone to post their request in a friendly and easy way by accessing http://localhost/pmcc/prayer-requests/.  One can post or submit a personal prayer request or even a prayer request for others whenever and wherever they are. And it does not stop there; it provides an open opportunity for many to lift up a prayer for it by simply clicking “I PRAYED FOR YOU”.

Of course, once we click it, we should mean it; that’s what makes it more sensible. As a matter of practice, our ministers and brethren enlist the submitted prayer requests and uttered it literally during the prayer meetings and prayer devotion. Hence, clicking would not mean a mere click; it means praying for it physically and religiously.

In the book of Psalms, a number of passages show when and where David spoke in prayers; in particular in Psalms Ch.34 & 35, the prayer that worked in favor of David. And it was said explicitly, “I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me” (Psalms 34:3) and let those who favour my righteous cause have a great joy in the Lord (Psalms 35:27). When somebody prayed for request of others and shared the burden and do pray-click for it, it will undoubtedly bring a genuine joy to know that it has been prayed for, so much more once the prayer is granted.

“When you post it (prayer request), we click & pray for it, and by God’s grace you’ll have it.”

Prayer Request Page

The details of a prayer request with "I Prayed for Your" button.  "Once you clicked it, you mean it!"

“CPF works!”

Being a proponent of the CPF project, we have discovered a number of granted prayers in this platform. Prayers do work amazingly and to some degree unknowingly. A brother who posted for personal need regarding his work received an answer in just three prayer clicks; a sister who was seeking for working visa approval has got surprised when she received a favorable outcome.  Another brother who was about to go back home to Manila had received work approval just in time; another one testified his child who got sick received immediate healing after some prayer clicks from among brethren; and another sister was praying hard for pass approval reconsideration to be with her husband in Singapore, and not for long received a positive answered prayer.  These are but few prayer request turned-into testimonies that CPF indeed works and behind it are certainly those honest prayer clickers.

In this project, clicking and praying are indeed inseparable. While every click counts, and so is every corresponding prayer sincerely uttered. It is important that a partner or a number of people agree to click and pray for it constantly and consistently. The CPF provides a menu but the ingredients must come from the poster and the clickers alike – the most essential of it is having faith (Matthew 21:22). Only then can we expect the CPF work.

Prayer click means constant & consensus connection with God 

In the book of Micah 7:7 (NLT Version), “I look to the Lord for help. I wait confidently for God to save me, and my God will certainly hear me.” This verse provides that prayer is the best option to look forward to especially in difficult times. For no matter how much people have control over so many things, there will come a time that he will need some help (badly); there and then, he or she will kneel down for prayer. By saying so, however, does not mean that prayer is like a coin which is put in a vending machine and that, in the proper sequence, will automatically be granted whatever it is being asked for. Prayer is neither likened to a “wish-upon-a-star” nor does it liken to a gamble “slot-machine”, both passively waiting to spell a result out of luck. It is not the way we sometimes think the way it works.

Prayer requires confidence in God and an active action towards service to God. The element of faith plays a role that is offered to God with absolute persuasion such that what is requested shall be fulfilled even when such an occurrence is unusual. For example, the book of James 5:15 cited where a congregation praying for a sick person and believing that that person shall be healed. A number of believers keep praying with faith that such (prayer) request shall be granted.

The efficacy of prayer is through constant asking (Matthew 7:7) or, i would term it in this context, by way of proper “prayer-clicking”. We should develop a consensus prayer coupled by strong common faith in God. Acknowledging the fact that prayer works mightily is necessary condition, but much required is exercising and practicing a prayer working habit as a way of life through consistent utterance of prayers and agreeing in prayer with others.

It may be pointed out that, and perhaps some people believe, a prayer by oneself without having others know may work. But if I, or any other believer, let others know of a prayer request and make them (especially the people of God) agree with it and pray for it as well, then it will be more persuading to ask God for an answer. A consensus prayer is a wonderful way of getting things we need especially during the most difficult time – it transcends us beyond ourselves, it connects us with others and ultimately with God who is capable to provide more than anyone can do.

Prayer is the best way to connect more deeply with ourselves and to experience the reality that we are not alone, that there a lot there to be prayer clickers, willing to share a prayer for others.

Yes, prayer works.

It does, so why not click a prayer for?

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