With Love There is Life

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In the beginning, there was water, and then there was sky, there was Earth,… and there was life. The genesis of human being was made from the element of the earth breathed sacredly with the spirit of God and of love. “And God saw all that He made and it was very good”. Indeed, God’s love beget life.

I still recall… the year was 2011… it was the first of May during Sunday worship service when PMCC (4th Watch), Singapore launched for the first time a personal evangelism enhancement project dubbed as “With Love, There is Life” (WLTL). Triggered by the ongoing Church-wide personal evangelism program (PEP), which is authored by Beloved  Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, this project in Singapore locale was lifted from the familiar biblical verse – John 3:16 – that speaks its clear message: with God’s love, there is eternal life.

The WLTL evangelism project was also called by one of the Adult officers as the “John 3:16 Syndrome” for it is like a syndrome which is chronic in nature and so is the objective of this project such that brethren in the church will get influenced virally to do the evangelism work on personal and group levels.

WLTL is more than just an expression or an act because it aims to develop a habit of sharing the gospel of Christ and encourage consistent participation in evangelism.  On a weekly basis, it was held in different places in Singapore where most Filipinos and foreigners gather every weekend, i.e. Botanic Garden, Vivo City, Lucky Plaza and Orchard Boulevard. These areas have been the regular site of the Sunday evangelism for quite some time. On the day WLTL was launched, the number of brethren who joined reached to 38, which is about half of the congregation then and by God’s grace, the participation level was maintained on successive Sundays for the WLTL duration. Multiple contacts were generated and followed up through WLTL-SMS brigades. WLTL certainly paved the way for the new church members to be active in the PEP. It created an impact not only inside but also outside the church. As a result, every member holds a Bible and tracts/pamphlets and enjoys being part of the regular PEP.

Launching of “With Love There is Life” (photo taken at Botanical Garden /  1st May 2011)

“WLTL  re-peat (or even three-peat)”

This year… March 2013, the “WLTL Repeat” was initiated by the minister-in-charge, Singapore locale, Sis.Donna Robles, together with the elders and officers in Singapore to boost the brethren and live up with the high spirit of evangelism.  Guided by the holy spirit, the whole congregation was more than excited as they took part not only in the shirt-wearing ceremony but almost all went in evangelism action right after the re-launch.  Such action and desire of many brethren including the new ones, to be part of the WLTL-Repeat is a sign of having one accord in tune of the PEP program in the Philippines as well as across the globe where the PMCC churches are existing. This time the participants are about twice as much than the previous one and the impact is greater and long-lasting. The newly baptized brethren and even first-time visitors joined with joy in their hearts during that day expressing that PEP is truly self-empowering and worth repeating.  As such, it may not just be a re-peat or perhaps a three-peat but a continuous pursuit to reach others and bring out love and life.

“WLTL: Re-launch” (Ministers, Elders and Adult & Youth Presidents’  T-shirt wearing ceremony & dedication at the PMCC Worship Hall)

“WLTL:  Re-launch” (T-shirt wearing ceremony of congregation, all of whom joined in Personal Evangelism at Botanic Garden).

 “WLTL:  Re-launch” (photo taken at Botanical Garden  after the Outreach Evangelism in April 2013)

PEP:  Personal talk and a real “pep-talk”

The Spirit of the Lord has led many brethren to follow and respond to the challenge of PEP. Many testify Christ as well as the experience they have had in the service of the Lord. A simple Christian tracts-giving and constant sharing the goodness of God in one’s personal life encourage others as they go on. Putting this task on personal level is what makes it more effective; and understanding the need for doing it and having the results of it bring genuine joy and self-empowerment. It is the time in which we have set our mind and establish a good motive to take part in it consistently; it is when we take it personally and giving a real pep-talk that neither diminish nor come-and-go-quickly but encourage many to feel convicted. It is indeed a self-motivating and progressive action to bring people back to God’s love.

No matter how it may sound generic or to others it may seem a boring or annoying talk, yet doing it persistently will come to a point of personal talk that lead people to realize and accept the gospel thru evangelism.

Sooner than later it’s gonna be a nice talk.

PEP is not just a fact of (Christian) life, but becoming a way of life

There is an idiom that says: “think globally and act locally”. This is particularly true for the PMCC (4th Watch) in Singapore in the context of its “WLTL” as PEP-enhanced program. The standard of PEP whereby each member of the church worldwide are exercising evangelism in one way or another on consistent basis are being done here in Singapore. Just as in the very first church, the common practice of evangelization resides, not only among the ministers and elders of the church but among individual members of the church all over the world, wherever they are, has been witnessed resulting to fast conversion. Overseas churches carry out different local evangelism programs have contributed to the increased growth of the global missions. It is an unquestionable fact of the end-time Christian life and  more importantly it’s becoming a way of life as we continue to do it ‘til the end of time.

Acknowledging a fact of life does not necessarily mean a way of life; it is only when we mean it and at the same time keep doing it. Only then can we say that it is (our) way of life.

When we are able to bring people back to God, and we desire to sustain them in God’s love, then we achieve both.

Singapore may be as small as it may seem to be but God has shown His kindness through His disciples inside the church. The PEP has started from a handful number of brethren that eventually led to the increase in attendance and participants. The church elders, officers and members work hand in hand to strengthen each one’s faith and the ministers themselves are great examples in reaching out those who are lost; for they have shown sincerity, zealousness and dedication to their ministry that challenged each and everyone to go forth, evangelize and maximize every potential for the advancement of God’s works in this country.

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